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Common problems for online shops to increase their sales

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do you have an online shop and you are not getting too many visitors? Do you have fewer sales than you would like? Then, you may need to know what are the most common mistakes that online shops make. It's time for something to change, don't you think?

Your e-commerce can improve, but first you must know where you are going wrong. In most cases it is not enough to put all the effort and enthusiasm in our business, it is also necessary to undertake a proper Inbound Marketing strategy and combine some tricks.

In this post, we want to share with you the points in which online shops tend to make the most mistakes when it comes to increasing their sales. Do you think you are doing everything you can but nothing is enough? See for yourself!

5 common problems when it comes to increasing sales

We are talking about problems, but they are not really problems as such. What we are going to tell you are nothing more than actions that many companies have not yet carried out, but that they will have to incorporate if they want to continue to survive in the market. They are tasks that are part of the process of adapting to the online world in which we live and that are increasingly necessary. We will tell you some of them:

  • Theydo not carry out studies of their competitors, so they act in a market in which they do not know exactly how other companies in their sector are behaving.
  • They do not generate valuable content to position their brand in search engines. They neglect content strategies, as well as the opportunity to use keywords.
  • They focus too much on sales and forget other factors. Although it may seem contradictory, to increase sales it is not only necessary to focus on this aspect, as there are others such as the generation of trust and credibility that greatly favour the results.
  • Theydo not use social networks, so they miss out on a fundamental tool for sharing content, interacting with users or customers and observing the behaviour of the competition.

As you can see, these are simple problems that can be solved if the right techniques are put in place, but many companies live with them every day without looking for a solution, so they see less and less results in their online shops.

Remember that we cannot live in the online environment with an offline mindset.

low traffic and less sales?

Nobody said that the beginnings were easy. Maybe many of you have, or have had, a physical shop, but at some point, you got carried away by the advantages and opportunities of the online world, so you decided to jump into the pool. Now, you have a shop immersed in the electronic world, but you have realised that not everything is as easy as it seemed.

You dreamed it and you did it, risking a minimum of investment. However, you are not getting the results you expected. Little traffic and fewer sales than you imagined, a problem that, as you can imagine, makes you ask yourself many questions. Where did I go wrong? Was my online shop a bad decision? Am I trying hard enough?

It's a sign that you are becoming aware of the need to change, to transform yourself and to take the momentum towards growth, so you can continue to ask yourself questions, but make sure they address the use of social media, an Inbound Marketing strategy, a blog to generate and share content, offer video content, etc.

It is important that you give your business the attention it needs, but you must also invest the necessary maintenance, work and effort.

In short..

The first step to start solving a problem is to identify it. According to other handicaps presented in online shops, we have taken a look at the evolution of these problems. The problems of ten years ago are no longer those of today. Not even those of yesterday. Just take a look at the report published by Datisa in 2016 with the most common problems of online shops. The good news? They have a solution.

do you want to know more about your online shop?

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