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what is the BackOffice and what is it for companies?

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We live in an increasingly competitive society where companies take advantage of each and every one of the resources to increase their profitability without putting at risk the operation and costs. All this has a lot to do with the BackOffice and its tasks. If you are not yet familiar with this concept, we encourage you to read this post to know what it consists of and what it means for companies.

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what is a company's BackOffice?

This concept is part of business management and refers to "the set of business support activities. It is the part of the company or its unit that carries out the tasks aimed at managing the company itself and that do not have direct contact with the client, such as IT and communications, human resources management, accounting or finances".

5 things that a company's BackOffice includes

Now that you know what your company's BackOffice is, we encourage you to think about all the tasks that you would include in it. From Occam we want to talk to you about 5 things that are part of it:

  1. Invoicing: All the activities related to the management of invoices, credit and debit memos. To carry out the management of all these tasks, companies use calculation programmes
  2. Communication with customers: fluidity and transparency are two of the most important values in business relations, and they are part of customer service to keep customers informed and attentive at all times.
  3. Follow-up of emails in campaigns. New technologies are creating a two-way thread of contact between companies and customers. Emails require sorting and selection according to various factors for successful drafting and management.
  4. Administration: This includes all tasks related to personnel management, human resources, document classification, etc. This is of great importance for companies to keep all this information up to date and at hand.
  5. Orders: Order management is carried out by a management department, and its functions include controlling the number of products.

Companies carry out all these tasks in which the BackOffice can play an essential role: that of facilitating management and follow-up.

what are the advantages of the BackOffice in companies?

Among all the benefits that companies obtain when they opt for BackOffice services, there are two fundamental ones:

  • Correct management and monitoring of all areas, improving processes and obtaining an accelerated performance of resources.
  • Itcan be applied to any type of company and is essential for it to function properly.

To give you a real idea of this concept, imagine for a moment the period of time that passes from the moment you ask for an appointment at your dental clinic until you are attended and you pay the corresponding money. Are you aware of the amount of activities that take place under the BackOffice in that time?

Conclusions on the BackOffice of companies

In short, we can say that the BackOffice is a kind of back office of the companies where all the tasks in which the activity is designed and the central services of the company (accounting, logistics, human resources) are managed. Broadly speaking, and unlike the Front Office, the Front Office does maintain contact with the client.

are you already clear on what these terms are and how are you applying them in your company? Do you have any doubts?

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