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in what era are enterprise applications born?

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Productivity, attention and communication are three fundamental links on which the creation of applications in companies is based. In other words, companies have found in these technological systems an effective way to improve productivity, plan business resources, showcase their products and services, and communicate with their customers or with the rest of the organisation. It all depends on the objectives and needs of each one.

But at what point do organisations realise that these are needs that can be met? What happens for this to happen? Do they feel this need when the technology appears, or does it emerge long before it does?

In reality, technological advances have made us more demanding on ourselves, because 20 years ago, companies did not even consider creating an application to manage products and services from home, for example. They did not even think about creating mobile applications as we conceive them today. Everything is the result of an evolution.

The traces of an evolution

Throughout their history, companies have been creating their own technological structure in which they have included the devices, systems and applications necessary for the company to function properly. It all started with the implementation of accounting machines and computers to carry out, above all, accounting tasks. Then, we plunged into the Eras:

  • Mainframe Era (1959-1981): we use them every day, they are fundamental to modern technology, but very few of us are aware of it. In this era "a centralised process was executed which in turn could be connected via a network to thousands of terminals".
  • Personal computer era (1981-1983): computers began to be used, giving them a much more personal focus and productive tools implemented in offices and workplaces.
  • Client/server era (1983-1992): "personal computers were networked to other computers with more powerful servers that did most of the data processing".
  • TheInternet and the company era (1992-present): we are talking about the current era, because do you know of any company that does not have PCs connected to networks to achieve seamless information?

The advent of mobile applications

This is the era that embraces us, surrounds us and immerses us in a technological world that is ever closer to our behaviour and habits. This is also where the information era comes together as the protagonist of today's society. Big data has entered the scene, becoming a powerful weapon for growth and decision-making, improving operations and reducing risks. Applications are making this possible thanks to total knowledge of the customer, their behaviour, the generation of trust, analysis of operations, etc.

Applications and big data as a competitive advantage

Technology, in general, and mobile applications, in particular, bring us great benefits, such as the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of information. Without a doubt, both concepts are helping organisations to improve their products, processes, customer experience, and to be prepared to face the different changes in the market.

are you witnessing this revolution, or are you still on the sidelines?

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