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Actions that multiply sales in the technology sector

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we have "just entered" the Information Age. This period of humanity is linked to the sector in which you operate: information and communication technologies. You work side by side to act as an intermediary between the fusion of technology and science. You seek to facilitate and satisfy human needs with innovative methods hitherto unknown. Don't you think you should let your potential customers know about it, don't you want to increase your sales with them?

Learn about the actions you have in your hands to achieve it..

10 actions that increase sales in the IT sector

Seen and unseen. In a single blink of an eye, the sales of technology companies have multiplied. This is the reality on which those professionals who have opted for the following Inbound Marketing actions are based. The problem is not always in the market, as we are used to believing, but in the way we sell our products. We show you 10 ways to increase your sales:

  1. Make videos on how to help people choose your company's products. In recent years, the number of companies that use the Internet to offer their products and services has multiplied, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves from the competition. A good way to do this is by making explanatory and animated videos about our products and services.
  1. Donot make intrusive offers. They can have the opposite effect to the one expected, as they can be negative for our brand. The way in which we plan our marketing strategy will determine to a great extent the success of our company. Do not forget that, nowadays, the consumer has a great power and capacity to decide in a few seconds if your product adapts to what he/she is looking for.
  1. Maintain your online presence for as long as possible. It will allow you to interact with your audience, improve your company's communication, increase the number of potential customers, improve productivity, reduce costs, act in new markets, find new consumers, and achieve new business opportunities that will enable the agile development of your company and new products.
  1. Share the content generated on your social networks and give it the distribution it deserves. Social networks can attract visitors and convert them into sales opportunities, so we must take advantage of all their possibilities by sharing our content, being consistent, establishing the best time to publish, including attractive words and calls to action. Technology companies need to publicise their products, and this is one of the best ways to achieve this.
  1. Personalise your messages. Don't be afraid to give a personal touch to your messages, as it will make users feel close to it and even generate a kind of trust. It is not about automating messages, but about making each user feel unique. The language should be close and engage the user. It is not just a customer, it is a person!
  1. Respond to those who show interest in your brand. Users or customers will show interest in your company and will react through comments or messages via email. If they do not get a response, they will not show any interest in your services. Don't forget to answer them, every response counts!
  1. Involve the different areas in the process. It is not enough to have people isolated in a single area, because the whole company, as well as the different departmental teams that make it up, must be involved to share common objectives and facilitate the way to achieve them.
  1. Use Inbound Marketing techniques. Say goodbye to the obsolete and intrusive techniques of traditional marketing and adopt the Inbound methodology to attract your potential customers, convert them, close the buying process and build loyalty. Inbound Marketing is here to stay, and technology companies have a golden opportunity before them to create lasting relationships with their audience.
  1. Give your customers reasons to want to come back. The best way to achieve this is by generating valuable content. Achieving customer loyalty is fundamental to a company's performance. However, those in the IT sector must be aware that it is no longer enough to offer only valuable content, but that it is necessary to take actions that foster trust and loyalty.
  1. Create a database of your contacts. A database is more than just a list of contacts, because in Inbound Marketing it allows you to take stock, segment your potential customers, send them tailored newsletters, eliminate junk contacts and, above all, maintain a well-structured database.

why do these techniques increase sales?

aumentar las ventas en el sector tecnológicoA high percentage of the Spanish population uses new technologies, and millions of our fellow citizens live with the desire to increase their sales. So, in answer to the question that heads this section, we can only say that the actions we have just mentioned are not here by mere chance. We wanted to share them with you because they are techniques that are as simple as they are advantageous, and yet most technology companies overlook them.

Increasing sales is possible, and we are sure that none of the techniques mentioned have been unknown to you. You don't need to be a market guru to sell more, because what really matters is knowing how to do it and putting in the necessary effort to achieve it. As some experts used to say: "Wanting is power! In short, these techniques allow you to increase sales because they are based on the foundations of Inbound Marketing and focus on your potential customers.

what steps should I take after carrying out these actions?

Actually, if you put these techniques into practice, the next step will trigger itself. Once you have become aware of the importance of putting these actions into practice, as well as taking care of your sales, it will be the perfect time to work on SEO positioning and start carrying out strategies on social networks, loyalty, etc. Your potential customers need you, and you want to reach them.

make the way easier for them and don't let two parties destined to meet pass unnoticed!

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