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Design is a powerful competitive advantage. At Occam, we want to improve your business results by enhancing your brand and making it your best tool to attract customers.Agenda una reunión
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The solutions we offer at
Occam graphic design agency

We put at your disposal an expert graphic design team that will take care of any project you want to
implement in terms of design. We offer different professional graphic design services:


Advertising design

Your campaigns and communications need a professional design. Posters, flyers, banners, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, etc.

Editorial design

Attract and capture the attention of your audience with original and groundbreaking layouts. Magazines, Publications, eBooks, White Papers, Manuals, etc.

Corporate Design

Communicate your ideas visually, clearly and concisely. Logotype, Manuals, Uniforms, Fleet of Vehicles, Brochures, Folders, etc.

Design for events

We draw the theoretical, emotional and visual lines of an event. Posters, Signage, Invitations, Banners, RollUps, Badges, Merchandising, Emails, etc.

Point of Sale Design

We design points of sale that highlight the essence of your brand. Price tags, Displays, Exhibitors, Graphic support for the Shelf, Product Displays, Stickers, etc.

Infographics design

Communicate and transmit messages through presentations, marketing campaigns, bids, or reports that summarize your value proposition in a single schematic image.

Web design

We create all kinds of digital formats for the web: Websites and web pages, landing Pages, Microsites, Email Marketing, Newsletters, Online store development, eCommerce consulting, etc. 
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Branding and corporate identity:
create a memorable brand image

With our 360º global branding strategy, we help you create a memorable brand image,
adapted to your business' digital strategy and online marketing campaigns.


Corporate image and identity:

We establish a brand identity that represents you 100%, conveys what you want to communicate and is positioned for the best results.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Capture new clients.
  • Connect with the customers you already have.

Social media branding:

We create custom content for your brand from 0, based on your social media strategy.
  • Express your mission and values.
  • Expand your online presence.
  • Strengthen the relationship with your customers.


We develop your brand's verbal identity to give it a name and a specific tone of voice that reflects the characteristic values of your organization.
  • Create a personal brand.
  • Lay the foundation for your content.
  • Maximize the impact of naming on your business.
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We outline a corporate identity manual to help define who you are, what your philosophy is, your personality and your value proposition.
  • Give personality to your brand.
  • Tell your story.
  • Create a memorable brand experience.
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Digital signage for companies:
how your customers see you

With Digital Signage, it is possible to project an infinite number of planned designs
and personalized messages in a wide variety of spaces and sectors.
At Occam, we offer Digital Signage solutions for every situation, both indoor and outdoor:


Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital displays located in outdoor areas with high public affluence.
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Indoor Digital Signage

Smaller digital displays where the main focus is the "face to face" contact with the consumer.
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Dynamic digital signage

Digital displays that allow users to interact with the content displayed.

We offer a multitude of screens and devices so you can show the value of
your brand to your target audience. If you only need screens, we can
supply them, if you only need content, we can design it for you,
if you need us to take care of everything, we do it.

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Creative advertising:
connect your brand with your consumers

We are fully dedicated to the creative process of advertising material.
We create new advertising concepts or spots that impact your audience.

Our creative advertising services:

  1. Strategy creation
  2. Improvement of digital systems
  3. Strategy consulting
  4. Digital platform creation
  5. Marketing campaigns
  6. Web page creation
  7. Creation of digital advertising formats
  8. Application development

The creation of graphics, visual content, the development of creative public relations campaigns and the
analysis of optimal PR distribution channels stand out as the most in-demand services in an agency.

Reaching new creative targets and challenging current marketing models have become recurring goals for our company.

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What does a creative advertising agency do?

We get involved in the creative process from start to finish, from its initial concept to its execution through graphic sketches or audiovisual content.

We have the talent and the experience, which makes us the ideal partner for:

  • Launching a new project or product to the market.
  • Expand your communication possibilities.
  • Advance in the digitalization of your company.
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Digitize your business with Occam!

Our creative processes are used for brand design and the development of
effective advertising campaigns and impactful marketing strategies. As a result,
we can leave a visual footprint and maximize a brand's growth opportunities.

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