We are your Blockchain
development company

Blockchain technology is already part of the production chain of hundreds of companies globally. At Occam we are aware of this, that's why we help startups and companies from different industries to integrate Blockchain technology into their organizations. We build solutions according to all your needs.Agenda una reunión
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Occam is your blockchain development company


Blockchain consulting

We advise you on how to develop your project using blockchain technology. There are different ways to carry out a project of this type and it is important to correctly choose the technology or blockchain on which we are going to work to avoid large maintenance costs in the future and achieve a good performance.

Smart Contract Development

Thanks to our team we can carry out the development of smart contracts and make deployments on any public blockchain: Ethereum, Binance (Binance Smart Chain) and Polygon.


Experts in cryptocurrency and token development

ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, and many others. We perform the deployment in case it is a token on any blockchain.

DAPP Development

We develop applications using blockchain technology by choosing whether we want the platform or application to work in a centralized or 100% decentralized way. Currently we have developed real estate tokenization platforms, NFTs marketplaces, ICOs launching platforms, STOs, and much more.

Legal advice

Thanks to our expertise in the blockchain world we give legal advice and connect with the right people in case you want to launch an ICO in Spain.

How does BlockChain technology work?

Although it sounds complex, blockchain technology is based on a very simple principle: the transfer of information from point A to point B in an automated and secure way. A transaction that also involves no cost.

In a centralized system, data is visible only to administrators, making it opaque and inadequate for users/buyers.

This helps all organizations to be transparent with their potential customers and to do business with complete confidence and security as the data is decentralized.

With blockchain technology also comes Smart Contracts that allow the exchange of goods and services with total transparency and without conflicts. Always through consensus.

tecnología blockchain
  1. A wants to send money to B
  2. The transaction is represented as a block
  3. The transaction is issued to the network of nodes
  4. The network validates the transaction
  5. Now the block can be added to the blockchain permanently and unalterably
  6. The money moves from A to B
Blockchain technology is the best solution against this scenario. A decentralized system that exists between all parties involved, allows visibility of authenticated transactions and saves time and conflict as there is no central authority monopolizing power.

Our Blockchain
development process

Because we specialize in blockchain development. We tell you step by step how we do our job:

  1. briefing-2


    We make a briefing between both parties for your project.
  2. pase-diseno

    Design phase

    Once the briefing is finished, we move on to the design phase. Occam has a design department focused on the usability of the applications.
  3. programacion


    When the platform is designed, the development team starts programming all the functionalities defined in the briefing.
  4. pruebas-concienzudas

    Thorough testing phase

    We focus on discovering small bugs in order to solve them and make the product as polished as possible.
  5. despliegue


    Testing finished?
    We deploy the blockchain development.

Why choose Occam
as a blockchain development company

At Occam we understand blockchain as another digital tool that makes your life easier.
A tool for marketing and managing your business.

  1. Blockchain technology experts
  2. We design tailor-made Blockchain projects
  3. We analyze the client's needs
  4. We accompany you throughout the development process
  5. More than 20 people in a multidisciplinary team

Do you have a blockchain project?

We listen to you. We design the architecture with you, we develop it and we launch it to the market
so that your idea becomes a reality.

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