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Why use a blog in Inbound Marketing strategies?

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have you ever asked yourself this question? If the answer is 'no', it's time to start thinking about it. Today we want to share with you some of the reasons why technology companies should use a blog, in accordance with the Inbound methodology. Sometimes, we are not aware of the opportunities we have before our eyes until we decide to squeeze them to the maximum. This may be one of those cases, and we don't want you to lose sight of it.

are you ready to get to know a whole new world of blogging?

what is a blog?

First question, first answer. We would all be able to recognise a blog, but very few of us would know how to define it. Based on our experience, we want to provide you with a unique, adapted and simple definition. Without further ado, we understand a blog as a personal or corporate website, in which updated content is published chronologically on a specific topic or issue.

The role of the blog in Inbound Marketing

Used to coming across an endless number of blogs, we may think how difficult it is to differentiate ourselves from the rest. Of course it is, but if we think that no two companies are the same, no matter how similar their products or services may be, then we can maintain hope for our differentiating spirit. Why buy from one company and not another, why use the services of certain professionals and not others? Somewhere there is the difference.

Blog en las estrategias de inbound marketingAs companies in the technology sector, we must make the most of these small differences to take them to the highest level and make them our strongest point of attraction. Technology is constantly innovating, advancing in giant steps, and it is directed towards an audience that it does not quite know how to reach. This is the crux of the matter. Inbound Marketing has just entered the scene, and it is a methodology capable of attracting potential customers in a natural way.

Providing valuable content and adapting to the different stages of the buyer's journey (discovery, consideration and decision) are the two fundamental steps to make our audience reach us. The blog can be the perfect showcase to achieve this. In fact, it already is. How many companies currently have a blog? Probably more than you can imagine. Its importance is undeniable.

The blog has thus become a perfect tool to showcase the content of technology companies, publicise our products, provide the possibility of sharing it on social networks and, finally, generate qualified traffic. Thanks to this technique, organisations have managed to awaken the trust and empathy of users with their activities and knowledge.

what are the advantages for my company if I use a blog?

Having a blog is not only about publishing content. In fact, if you only stick to this issue, you will hardly achieve the expected results. Therefore, it is important to know which are the elements that you should include in your content strategy and be aware that, its optimisation, will make you start with the following advantages:

  • Companies create their own personal brand in the online world.
  • The blog is another way to increase the visibility of companies and publicise their products and services.
  • It allows you to share your content on social networks and take advantage of all the opportunities to position yourself in the technology sector.
  • Your content can be recommended by users, which would increase the presence of your brand on the internet.
  • You can create your own audience based on the relevance of the content you provide.
  • Increased web traffic, as every time you publish content you will be increasing the chances of attracting and capturing new visitors.
  • Blogs allow companies to differentiate themselves from the competition, as you are free to tell what makes you different.
  • Companies can get external links to their blog, a highly valued technique on the Internet.
  • You can promote content and generate interaction with your audience.
  • It increases the credibility and trust of the company.

Make your presence felt.

how can I generate qualified traffic to my technology blog?

In this sense, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the content, i.e. those elements that make for a quality post: clarity and attraction should be manifested, above all, in the title and in the first paragraph; calls to action can work as a perfect button to direct users to a landing page; attractive images act as a complement to the content capable of improving comprehension; etc.

We are not talking about anything new, because, although more and more specialised tools are being used, some companies have been using blogs for some years. The novelty lies in your ideas, in the way you take advantage of content and the Inbound methodology to overcome your challenges and achieve your objectives. There are many ways to generate qualified traffic on blogs, but the first of them must be based on trust in the content you have generated yourself.

Your technology products and services have been validated as another way to contribute to the technological development that the world is facing. You have worked hard to achieve it. You have worked hard, you have struggled and you have considered many possibilities in its development. Now, it is time to show it to the world, to let them know that you are also capable of overcoming everything you propose. The reality is that the blog can be the perfect place to do it.

what are you waiting for, do you know how many companies are working on their blogs while you are still wondering whether to create one, do you know how many potential clients and buyer personas the company is attracting thanks to the role of the blog in Inbound Marketing strategies, are you aware of the growth opportunity you have before you?

live it and don't let anyone tell you about it!

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