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Why apply the Inbound methodology in the IT sector?

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Decision-making is an intrinsic activity of our person. We do it constantly, in each of our movements, from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed. We decide what to have for breakfast, what to eat, what to wear, what time to get up, etc. In short, we are constantly playing in a field of possibilities.

The same is true for companies in the IT sector. Deciding what to do, how to work on the content of their websites, how to adapt it to technological advances, how to get customers, how to manage them, and what activities to carry out can become a tough day-to-day job. Therefore, it is important to decide how best to implement these tasks. Once again, when considering a range of possibilities, the Inbound methodology has become the most direct way to achieve effective results in companies in the IT sector.

10 reasons to apply the Inbound methodology in the IT sector

The Inbound methodology is a complex method, but it is capable of helping companies to adapt to the diverse and changing needs of the technology market. Applying it is, however, a fact that fewer and fewer companies are doing without, but why is it advisable to apply this methodology in companies in the IT sector?

  1. Inbound Marketing is a process adapted to new purchasing needs.
  2. Itallows for a study of potential customers and, thus, to specifically target the right market niche.
  3. Thanks to the Inbound methodology we can convert visitors to our website into sales opportunities.
  4. It reduces advertising costs. In the Inbound methodology, it is not a matter of overwhelming users with advertising about your company and products, but of offering valuable content.
  5. You offer valuable content that is necessary and useful for your potential customers, which is one of the main differences with respect to traditional marketing.
  6. Adequate audience segmentation: The creation of fictitious profiles allows you to segment your audience and establish their own characteristics.
  7. It allows you to make the best use of all the services in social networks, SEO positioning and email to increase visits.
  8. All the actions you carry out with the Inbound methodology are measurable, so you can analyse, check and modify options to test different results, see which aspects you need to work on more, how to do it, etc.
  9. Increased customer lifecycle. This means that we can retain the visitor to our website for longer, an indication that our service is generating traffic. Increased chances of conversion.
  10. Inbound Marketing generates solutions to real problems.

Inbound methodology and customer creation

Applying the Inbound methodology in the IT sector has become the main way of obtaining customers for many companies. Why has the Inbound methodology been gaining importance in companies in this sector? The way of approaching the consumer has changed. In the same way, the Internet is now the usual means of consultation before purchasing any product. If we add to this fact that companies in the IT sector are aimed at a very specific profile and that it is becoming more and more important, it is almost impossible to doubt its importance today.

metolodía inbound marketing en el sector it

Thanks to Inbound Marketing, our company puts different tools and techniques in the hands of technology companies to get potential customers to approach their digital media. What is the objective of these companies? To convert them into customers and promoters of the same.

what advantages do technology companies that apply Inbound Marketing obtain?

More and more technology companies are applying the Inbound methodology in their organisations. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • It allows to increase the visibility and awareness of the brand/company. It is one of the possibilities offered by the digital environment, as even the smallest businesses can achieve recognition. To achieve this, the writing of content adapted to the buyer's journey has become a fundamental tool.
  • Educate the target audience (buyer persona). According to studies by the companies AOL and Nielsen, people spend more than 50% of our time online reading content and another 30% on social networks, which means that if we generate content, publish it and share it on social networks, there is a very high probability of achieving visitors and sales opportunities through these channels. Nowadays, any consumer, before making a purchase, researches all possible information to make the most efficient decision.
  • Reduce the work of sales and marketing departments. Thanks to the Inbound methodology, marketing and sales teams can join forces to achieve powerful content. Keeping these professionals aligned will result in effectivesmarketing capable of integrating both teams in the lead generation strategy.
  • Traffic and quality leads. Some studies show that companies that have active blogs generate 67% more leads. This is possible thanks to content focused on the needs and problems of our target audience.
  • Visible metrics. Marketing campaigns based on the Inbound methodology allow your company to know which are the areas on which it should focus its efforts to improve its activity and, finally, achieve more customers.
  • It allows you to achieve qualified leads. Converting potential customers into qualified leads is a time-consuming process.

How to build customer loyalty in IT companies

In today's environment, the concept of marketing has been progressively changing. The Inbound methodology, so subject to the current reality, has made companies in the IT sector increasingly aware that, in such a changing and competitive environment, this has become the only way to get closer to their customers and turn them into promoters.

Inbound Marketing

Thus, Inbound Marketing has become the most direct path to customer loyalty. To do this, it is essential to know what the needs of the public are, to know what their real interest is, and to offer them a real solution. If they find in you a way to make their lives easier, they will not hesitate to use your services. With this, the possibilities of increasing qualified leads in IT companies are an action that has ceased to be utopian to become real.

if you are not present, they will never find you!

the Inbound methodology works!

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