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what is immersive marketing and what are its advantages?

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The main objective of immersive marketing is to make the user participate in a specific campaign or action. It is for this reason that it is also known as interactive marketing, because it seeks interaction with potential customers. The purpose of this strategy is to create a brand experience and make the user feel part of it, to generate a memory in his or her mind.

This is a type of technique where the customer not only receives a message from your brand, but also interacts directly with it. To create this user experience, technology is used, such as the use of interactive videos or virtual reality.

Nowadays, it is difficult to attract the attention of users, as they are immunised to so much advertising, which is why new forms of marketing are emerging, such as immersive marketing, which seeks to build customer loyalty in a new way.

how does immersive marketing work?

In the world of digital marketing it is necessary to keep up with the latest trends, because technology advances and consumer tastes change.

Companies are looking for ways to grab customers' attention in order to compete in the market. Your brand has to surprise users, creating a positive experience that makes them trust you.

Immersive marketing is used when you want to make an impact on the public, so that they notice and trust your company. To make this possible, techniques are used to generate experiences that involve the user.

In order to achieve this experience, technologies such as the following are used:

  • Virtual reality: This technology has advanced strongly in recent years, for example, with the use of virtual reality glasses. The user is immersed in a 3D experience through the use of these glasses. This type of tool immerses the user in your world, as it combines image and sound. You can use this strategy to offer a tour of your company's facilities, for example.

  • Augmented reality: This technique is one of the most used because it is easy to make and implement. You only need to create an application, which is adaptable to each device, mobile, tablet or computer, to create an augmented reality experience.
    Augmented reality is an interactive graphic system that allows the user to intervene with digital elements in real time, through the use of videos, images and virtual animations.
  • Projection: This tool is not as new as the two previous ones, but it works very well. This technique works very well if you combine it with sound, as the experience is more complete. It is widely used in digital marketing because it does not require a great deal of technology. An example of this type is the projection of collections of painters on real surfaces.

  • Interactive videos: An interactive video consists of creating a piece in which the user participates by answering questions, choosing the next step, selecting objects on the screen, etc. The objective is to create a totally immersive experience.

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Benefits of immersive digital marketing

Here is a list of the benefits offered by this marketing strategy to encourage you to apply it in your company:

  • It improves the customer experience. It generates a positive commitment between the customer and your brand. With immersive marketing it is easier to achieve customer satisfaction, create a close relationship and brand value. It is essential that the customer has a positive image of your brand, because it makes them keep it in mind in their purchasing decisions.

  • Personalisation: Practically all current digital marketing strategies are based on adapting campaigns to the target audience. You have to understand your ideal customer, which is why it is important to create your buyer persona. Virtual reality plays an important role here, because it allows you to create campaigns adapted to make the customer feel like the protagonist.

  • More reliable brands: In general, brands that use immersive marketing stand out from the competition. When you make users participate with your brand, you create a clearer image of you and make them remember you because you have generated an emotion.

  • Globality and language barriers. A major barrier is language, but these campaigns can eliminate this problem. In immersive marketing the visual part is the most important, so language takes second place. You can use a virtual reality campaign that reaches different parts of the world.

  • Multiplication of the volume of business. As we have explained in the previous points, everything leads to the growth and increase of the value of your brand in front of the competition. This causes your clients and your popularity to increase, because your company becomes better known, they trust you and therefore, they take you into consideration.

In conclusion, in immersive marketing the customer is the protagonist and will help you to improve the relationship with them. In addition, new technologies allow you to test and play to find the best way to interact with users. Take advantage of the benefits offered by this strategy to apply it in your company.

we hope you have enjoyed this reading!

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