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what do I need to know to create a web app?

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One of the most common steps when launching an online project is to start with the website. In fact, most eCommerces do not even complement it with the development of an App, although there may come a time when it is a good idea. In addition to the difference in price, time and effort in the development of a website and an App, when a business is starting, the most common thing is that it does not have too many resources.

are you a start-up company, do you need an online storefront to sell your products, join us and find out everything you need to know about creating a web App.

7 things to know before creating your web application

  1. Mobile devices

Think about where users are visiting your website from, whether they are visiting from their computer, mobile phone or tablet. Statistics will help you to know some keys to the design of your website.

The ideal is to create a responsive design that allows a good user experience on the web from any device, and for this it is important to have: a professional logo, a CTA, display, contact number, action for visitors, other secondary actions, navigation menu, forms, meta description and title, among other things.

  • Define the benefits of the web App

Creating a mobile application is something that requires some time to think about, it also requires effort and budget, so it is important to consider what it will bring and whether it is worth creating it or not.

  • Remember that an App is not a website

Many times, brands make the mistake of putting all the content of the website on the App, forgetting that they are two different things. They do not even work with the same technology and are visited from different devices. In general, the connection from a computer is better than from a mobile phone and the user is much more demanding with the applications.

  • Identify the key functions of your web App

Now that you know how to distinguish an app from a website, it is time to think about the key functions. Everything will depend on your project, but it is important to remember some useful features through web analytics. They will give you clues about user navigation.

  • Redefine the functionalities

Sometimes, we may need to redefine some functionalities of our web App when changing the environment. It is not only a change of screen size, but also access features, camera, etc. Again, it depends on the type of project you develop.

  • Investigate if there is a real interest

To find out if users are really interested in your web App, it is not enough to look at browsing data, you need to consult other complementary tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, which will give you a more complete idea of the real interest in your web App.

  • Launching

This is the most awaited moment. However, launching an application or a website does not mean that it has to appear on all platforms. Therefore, think and ask experts for help, if necessary, to determine where your project will be published, from which mobile systems users will access, the operating system, etc. If you already have a website and you are going to publish your App, you can take advantage of the space to inform about the next launch.

Main conclusions on web App development

The creation of your web App project is based on HTML, JavaScript or CSS. No installation is required, as your website is loaded on the server and runs in the browser. As you can see, there are many web applications, from small tools to large software. Many services are therefore presented as web Apps or native Apps. These applications can bring many benefits to companies.

However, creating a web App is not a simple process. It requires the help of development experts to cover all the needs of the idea you have in mind. Now that you know all the things you need to know before creating your web App, it is important to know all the advantages you can get:

  • With a single web App you can perfectly reach all devices, unlike what happens with a native App.
  • It can be executed inside the device's web browser through a URL.
  • The languages used are well known by programmers (HTML and CSS).
  • It is not necessary to be installed from an App shop, such as Google Play or Apple Store.
  • It needs less development time than any other type of App.
  • And they are very economical, unlike native ones.

do you have a project in mind and don't know where to start? Tell us about it.

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