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what is a marketing workflow for?

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Workflow is defined as the automation of the work processes that a company implements on a daily basis, that is, it is the set of activities that are carried out in a certain order to achieve a goal. But what is it for, what types are there and how to implement it in your company or business? Today we tell you all about it, so pay attention!

what types of workflow are there?

  1. Ad Hoc Workflow: In this type of workflow, rules can be created or modified during the work process.
  2. Production Workflow: In this workflow the rules have less flexibility than the previous one, as it is a more limited system. Here your company follows a pre-established direction, focusing on fixed actions that are already known to all employees. In this case, there is not much room for change.
  3. Administrative Workflow: This system is the intermediate between the other two. This method is usually applied to tasks that do not have a defined structure. It focuses on tasks that are predictable and repetitive by imposing rules that are easy to understand and accept.

what is a workflow for?

The workflow is mainly used to guide all the members of the company to do the tasks in the best possible way, to order all the information in the same way, to hierarchise the processes and to work in a coordinated way. This avoids making mistakes, as all your workers know the objective and follow the same rules to put it into practice. Moreover, its advantages are:

  1. Better internal communication: by having clear objectives and implementing rules to follow, communication is more agile, simple and secure.
  2. More transparent work: Within your company, your employees will be clear about their responsibilities and the way to proceed, making it easier to verify and follow the status of each process.
  3. Increased productivity: By having the steps well defined, your employees focused on their responsibilities, the process becomes more agile, which leads to better productivity.
  4. Cost reduction: You eliminate unnecessary steps, improve communication and increase the company's productivity, thus creating savings in time and human resources.

Always remember that your company's goal is to be more productive because there is currently a high level of competition in the market. Therefore, the workflow improves task planning, helps to make better decisions and speeds up the information and communication processes of your team. Having all your workers coordinated on the same task or project facilitates coordination between them.

¿Para qué sirve un workflow en marketing?

how to create a Workflow for your company?

The method of creating a workflow is quite simple, you just have to follow the steps we are going to tell you now:

  • Define the objectives. The first thing you have to do, as in any digital marketing strategy , is to define and establish the objective you want to achieve. Once you are clear about it, it is time to focus your strategies and tools to achieve your goal.
  • Design: It's time to set in motion how you are going to implement the workflow in your business. We recommend you to do it through a scheme or drawing where the steps you are going to follow, the route and the possible variations are reflected. Having this visual support makes it easier to have a clear idea and also to present it in an easy way to your employees, so that the workflow is well defined for everyone. It is also important that you address all possible scenarios, that you are clear about all areas and processes, so that there are no cracks and the process can fail.
  • Implement: In this phase it is time to test what was designed in the previous two steps. We recommend that you first test before implementing, for possible corrections. This way you will avoid mistakes that could damage and slow down the process. Don't get frustrated, at the beginning it is all about trial and error, that's why it is good to test beforehand.
  • Measure the results. What you don't measure cannot be improved. This phrase is often heard in the world of digital marketing and it is no coincidence. There are a lot of tools that allow you to measure the actions you are doing and check if they work or not. Do not worry if the results are not what you expected, review the design phase, think about the possible failures and modify them. Then, implement it and measure the results again. Review, change and test as many times as you need until you find the ideal formula for your business.

¿Para qué sirve un workflow en marketing?

In conclusion, workflow is a perfect tool to keep your business growing in the current landscape and not lagging behind. So,now it's your turn, if you want your business to be as productive as possible, incorporate the workflow methodology to improve production, reduce errors, improve communication and save time.We hope you enjoyed reading this!

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