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Tips to position my ecommerce in a short period of time

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Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce, is simply the buying and selling of services or products over the Internet. Ecommerce crosses all borders, cultural, regional, national... It is also a fast and efficient way of obtaining loyal customers and users.

what are the advantages of ecommerce?

In addition to crossing borders and its great speed, e-commerce has many other advantages:

  • You avoid queues and crowds. You waste less time, you avoid unnecessary journeys by car and you can be more productive when shopping. In an online shop you can have a more complete overview of the products than in a physical shop.
  • The customer can compare products and prices more easily. Related to the previous point,in an online shop customers can compare prices more quickly and efficiently. Through a product search engine and a price filter you can select the items you are interested in.
  • You can sell 24/7. Unlike a physical shop, whose sales depend on the hours in which they are open, an online shop favours a certain degree of sales automation. You can sell 24 hours a day, since the online buyer does not need a person behind to make a purchase and pay at the time. You have a system that allows you to sell at any time.
  • You reduce costs. By not depending on a physical shop, you can optimise costs to the maximum. Automation allows companies to have a cost structure that adjusts to their real sales and avoid the costs associated with the maintenance of a store or other constraints.
  • Flexibility in the means of payment. ecommerce allows all available means of payment to be unified. Cash payments can be made (such as cash on delivery). Payments can also be made by bank means (credit or debit card or transfer). Likewise, payments can be made with other internet-based intermediaries such as Paypal or even bitcoin.
  • Better knowledge of your customer. In most online shops, the buyer is asked to register. In this way, you can get information about him that, in a transaction in a traditional shop, would be impossible to obtain. When a person goes to buy in a physical shop, the details of the buyer (interests, location, etc.) are unknown. Today, with the data provided by customers, you can know many details of the buyers (or potential buyers) of your shop. In this way, you can offer the products or services that may interest them the most.

Trucos para posicionar mi ecommerce en poco tiempo

how can I position my ecommerce quickly?

Nowadays, thanks to the advantages of this type of business, there are many online shops, so there is great competition in the market. In order to stand out and position yourself among the best, it is necessary to take into account a series of tips that we are going to give you today:

  1. Identify the 10 keywords of your business. First of all, it is necessary to identify the keywords of your company. Normally, they will be the categories of the products you sell. Research, for example, with the Google Keyword Tool or SEO Quake Toolbar.
  1. optimise the description of each product. It is very important that the descriptions have a fairly high number of words and include the keywords.
  1. Start a blog about your products. An own blog integrated in your online shop will allow you to increase the number of indexed pages of your website and, therefore, to get contacts.
  1. use different channels for your promotion, e.g. social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or Youtube.
  1. Improve internal and external links: For your online shop to rank well, it is important that all pages are well indexed, and for this, there is no better way than to include internal links.
  1. Create a sitemap of your online shop and submit it to Google Search Console. Google is able to crawl your online shop and identify every page, but you can make it easier for them to index your online shop faster and better by submitting an xml file. A Sitemap file is a file that contains the structure and navigation tree of the pages of your entire website.
  1. Position the images: It is important to properly name the image with the ALT attribute (title that will appear to the user if for any reason he cannot see the image, and the TITLE (text that will appear when hovering the mouse over the image), with the appropriate kewyords.
  1. The loading speed of your eCommerce must be optimal. Users who enter your sites expect them to load in less than 2, or at most 3, seconds.
  1. Use the meta description. The description of a category plays an important role in getting a higher click-through rate, so what you write in the meta description field can be displayed in the search results. Provide a quality and unique description of each category, because it will encourage customers to click on it.

Trucos para posicionar mi ecommerce en poco tiempo

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by ecommerce and digital marketing opens up a world of possibilities and benefits, and by following the tips we give you to position yourself quickly, success is almost guaranteed.

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