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do you know the role of keywords in Inbound Marketing?

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They say that every fact and place in life has a key element. The content generated in your company could not be less, so they have been called keywords. The concept is simple, as it refers to those words that we use in search engines to find what we want. The most complicated part is, perhaps, in getting your page to appear among the top positions of the search engine when someone performs a search. What many companies still do not know is that they can achieve it.

Reasons why you shouldn't do without keywords in your Inbound strategy

They are part of the path we follow to reach our goals. Short words stopped being too important some time ago to focus on long tail keywords, i.e. those that are made up of more than three words, as they are much more specific and detailed. Nowadays, hardly anyone goes to write the full URL of the pages when they want to find a location.

imagine if we had to constantly remember and enter the URL of all the pages we visit, do you realise how much time this would waste?

Keywords have become a fundamental tool for getting organic traffic to your website, i.e. traffic that comes from search engine queries. The positive side is that if at some point your website manages to rank, it will be because you are doing it right. Your page may even become a reference for your potential customers.

do you know what their role is in SEO?

where should I use keywords?

This may be one of the questions you have when you are creating content for your blog, so we want to tell you which are the best places to include them.

The title, subtitles, although it is not necessary to appear in all of them, are good places to start incorporating your keywords. Think about the words that your potential customers would use to find what they are looking for, you will surely get good results. In addition, the body or development of the text should also have these words, mainly in the first paragraph, in the meta-description and in the alt-text of the images.

have you imagined these places or, on the contrary, have you thought about including them in other places? Whatever the case, you should know that all the efforts you are investing are going to influence the best organic traffic for your blog, and that is why you should think very carefully about which words to use.

how should I choose my keywords?

In the previous paragraphs we have given you a clue. The first essential step to create the keywords is to think about the terms that users would use to search for what we offer. It is about putting ourselves in the place of the people we are targeting. Let's call it public or let's call it potential customers.

Then, you can make a list of the most relevant terms that are related to your sector or industry. For example: imagine that your company sells furniture. In this case, the list should include words such as: kitchen furniture, furniture to decorate, the characteristics of a good piece of furniture, etc. It all depends on the type of product or service that you are offering.

Thinking and meditating on which keywords you want to position is an important step in your Inbound Marketing strategy, in general, and content marketing, in particular. However, this process must be updated over time, as it is a constant evolutionary analysis that requires periodic review to see what is working and what is not.

Consigue ahora una plantilla para crear tu calendario de contenidos

Make sure that the words used are related to your sector and company, analyse the search index but, at the same time, try to have as little competition as possible. You may wonder why, well, don't forget that what you are looking for is to differentiate yourself from the rest, to show something unique and original.

In addition, keywords will help search engines to better understand the content of your web page. As they crawl your site, they begin to index the pages based on the keywords they find to help determine the purpose of the content.


If you're heading into your Inbound Marketing strategy, keep all of these factors in mind to make keyword identification as effective as possible.

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